What Is The Portable Scribe?

What Is The Portable Scribe?

The Portable Scribe is a transcription and document service aimed at helping solo practitioners and small practices with their document needs. I understand their varying workloads and sometimes urgent requests, and am able to accommodate those changing needs by being available nights and weekends.  Though located in Portland, Maine, through digital dictation The Portable Scribe works for clients throughout the United States.

The Portable Scribe provides the following services to busy professionals in psychology, medicine, memoirs, law and other areas:

  • Transcription
  • Editing
  • Document reviews and summaries

Who Is The Portable Scribe?

I started The Portable Scribe in 2007 after more than 25 years in medical transcription, legal writing, and historical research and writing.

I graduated from Barnard College with a major in U.S. history and attained a master’s degree in New England/American Studies from the University of Southern Maine.

I enjoy working independently with other solo practitioners and small practices that value integrity, hard work, flexibility, and mutually satisfying relationships.

- Jill C. Cournoyer